Blacklisted Loan

Blacklisted Loan

Only because you have a low credit score and your loan applications have been blacklisted by traditional lenders, this never means that you won’t be able to get credit from any other sources. Even though getting loans while being blacklisted is not a simple feat and comes with several disadvantages, there are quite a few lenders, who are ready to offer you this type of loan. We are one of those companies. Due to the risky nature of this loan, all you have to do is to offer proof of your residence, your identification, along with your bank statements to ensure that you can repay the loan amount.

What makes our lending process different?

Being a renowned name in the field of  blacklisted loan services in Johor Bahru, at Credit Loan, the professional lenders of our company offer competitive loan costs, predictable monthly payments, affordable interest rates to people, whose loan application gets rejected due to the less than perfect credit score. The blacklisted loans that we offer often vary from the minimum period of 3 months to the maximum period of 60 months. And when the applicant plans to pay off the loan amount early, then there would be no settlement penalty.

We also know that the time of our clients is highly valuable. Therefore, it takes just several minutes to complete the online form to apply for the loan. To date, we have assisted many borrowers to find the loans that they require. So, you can depend on us to get a trusted blacklisted loan with favorable terms. And the blacklisted loan that we offer can help you a lot to increase your credit score in the future.

How to apply for a blacklisted loan with Credit Loan?

Applying for the blacklisted loan with Credit loan is quite a simple and straightforward process. Once a borrower applies for the loan with us, we always try to process the application within the shortest time possible. If the loan is approved, then we will notify you immediately and you will get the fund in the next several days. As we operate with a fully-automated system, therefore there is no chance of any delay. We are the blacklisted loan provider in Johor Bahru.