Business Loan

Business Loan

Whether you need financial assistance to launch a new store, to revamp your existing business, to increase work capital, to purchase new machinery, or to outperform the competitors, the business loan offered by our company can give you the necessary finance that suits your business plan. At Credit Loan, we offer hassle-free and quick funding with flexible options for repaying the loans to keep you ahead in the race. Besides, by offering business loans, we keep the future of the businesses secure. We are the fast business loan provider in Johor Bahru.

Personal Loan Business Loan Provider in Johor Bahru

At Credit Loan, the experts of our company deal directly with the lenders. This thing removes all the hassles associated with getting loans. And it also ensures that the lenders get the best interest rates. Depending on the financial documents that you submit, we decide the maximum loan amount, loan tenure, and the interest rate at which you can get the business loan.

Eligibility to get a business loan from Credit Loan:

At Credit Loan, we service the financial requirements of different types of businesses, irrespective of their sizes as we know it well that every business requires capital for expanding, we are the personal loan business loan provider in Johor Bahru. Besides, here we also offer top-up service on the present business loans if the loan borrower requires more credit. Here are the applicants, who meet the eligibility of getting business loans from us.

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Retailers
  3. Doctors, chartered accountants, and other professionals.
  4. Traders

Why get business loans from Credit Loan?

Getting business loans from Credit Loan allows people to redraw their business strategies to match the present agile work environment. Here are some of the reasons to get business loans from Credit Loan.

  • Preserving ownership
  • Faster processing
  • Improving credit score
  • Streamlining the cash flow

Conditions to be eligible for the business loan from Credit Loan:

There are some conditions that one needs to meet to become eligible for getting a business loan from us. These include:

  1. Your business must exist for a minimum of 3 years
  2. Your company should have a positive PAT or Profit After Tax for the past two years
  3. The turnover of your business must be more than 1 crore
  4. Being a business owner, you must be aged between 28-68 years at the loan maturity