Personal Loan

Personal Loan

There are situations when you may need additional cash for any unexpected financial emergency. And these are the times when Credit Loan can be your ally. At this company, we offer personal loans that cover the immediate financial requirements of the borrowers for different reasons like education, marriage, travel, home renovation, or even medical needs. Personal loans are unsecured loans with flexible end-use, which come within the tenure between 12-60 months. In case the borrower selects shorter tenure, the EMI amounts become higher, while longer tenure leads to lower EMIs. Choose personal loan provider in Johor Bahru today.

Fast personal loan in Johor Bahru With great interest rates and tenure period of up to 72 months, it becomes easier for anyone to meet their financial requirements within reach. Besides, to help the borrowers to get fast access to the money in their need, we make the process of obtaining personal loans flexible and simple.

Features of personal loans:

  1. These loans are multipurpose
  2. These loans come with an overdraft facility
  3. There is no requirement of any security/collateral
  4. No charges on part pre-payment

How to get a personal loan from Credit Loan? 

The method of getting personal loans from Credit Loan is easy, hassle-free, and fast, fast personal loan Approval in Johor Bahru. Here are the steps involved in the entire process:

  • The process starts with the loan borrower filling a simple application form. The borrower can fill the form either online or offline.
  • Then the borrower has to upload or submit the form necessary for loan approval
  • The experts of our company will verify the credit history and the submitted documents of the applicant
  • Once the process is complete, we will offer you the details like loan tenure along with the approved rate of interest for acknowledgment

Who can be eligible for getting a personal loan from Credit Loan? 

As the personal loan is offered to the individuals and not any company, therefore the eligibility criteria is also a bit different than any other types of loans. To be eligible to get this loan, one should be:

  1. Aged between 21-68 years
  2. The minimum income of the applicant must be between 15,000- 6 lakhs per year (personal loan business loan provider in Johor Bahru)

The applicant must have two years of employment or business experience..

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